Monday, April 6, 2009

Got Cards?

I DO! In fact I have 5 new creations to share today.
I tried to get the old juices flowing and create a little... I even broke out the old sewing machine to use on the cards... here's what I was able to come up with before I had a brain freeze!
This one has a pocket inside for a gift card.. I'll add a sentiment once I decide to use it for birthday or thank you or baby or......
Simple..... but cute (and complete)

I had this butterfly already cut in my scrap stash and just had to use it! I seem to always reach for flowers, butterflies and ribbon lately. Oh, which reminds me... take a closer look at how I attached the ribbon. I just got a new mini stapler from Ranger. It is soooo cool and is perfect for attaching ribbon to cards.

These next two I was told is much different than my usual style, but it was fun to experiment with. They are both similar yet unique designs. I just loved the pre-cut pink paper and I was really diggin' the Pink/Yellow/Black combo. I was excited to use this new "Once Upon a Time" stamp I just bought. Ryan asked what on earth this card would be for and I told him many things.... baby, birthday, wedding. (Guys just don't get it sometimes)
So that's all I had time for. I don't know when I'll get to create again.
I'm starting to get a very full TO DO list (darn it). Hopefully this summer will be full of creating days for me!