Monday, March 29, 2010

Young Women Dinner

I was asked to help with the Stake Young Women's Medallion dinner. They wanted to follow along the color scheme with the new Personal Progress book, pink, white and a touch of gold.
So this is what I came up with....
Soft flowing tulle in gold and pink, fresh tulips, and little butterflies floating on the tulle.We served Everything Salad, Rosemary rolls and a giant sugar cookie for dessert...I had the cookie maker coordinate the design with the decor too :)
It says the theme.."Choose Ye this Day" and has a chocolate temple on the bottom
We set up 18 tables and served 150 people..
Notice in the background the YW values vases that I made a while back along the stage
There was a nice display table for all the medallion recipients photo's
Everything went pretty smoothly.. whew!
Following the dinner and presentation we went into the chapel and watched the YW General Broadcast.
The best part... everything was cleaned up when I came out following the broadcast!