Saturday, April 24, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day

Wow... that's a mouthful... but however you say it, it's a day/week to thank all those who work with you and make your job a lot easier!

Normally on this day I would get a phone call in the morning from Ryan saying oops, we forgot it was today... can you come up with something?
So then I scramble around and figure something out.
Well, not this year... I figured out in advance when it was and had a plan!

This is the arrangement I made for all 6 of the help-staff at Ryan's office.The colors were so bright and fun to work with once I figured out what design I was going to do. And it wouldn't be complete without a handmade tag to say Thank You!
They also bought all the staff lunch from Bagel Cafe (yummy)
Have you thanked your Administrative Professional Lately?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Livin' the Sweet Life

I found the cutest, fun, bright colored sundae cups the other day and thought they would be perfect to make a (non- fattening) Floral Birthday Sundae.
I couldn't wait to try it out and it just so happened that my friend's birthday was this week! I was so excited when I found these daisy's with lime green centers! And the pink "cherry on top" makes it so cute!
Just add a coordinating tag to complete the ensemble!
The tag reads.... "Livin' the Sweet life... Happy Birthday"
I also have blue, pink & yellow cups ... can't wait to make more!

More baby gifts

Just wanted to share another diaper cake I created for a gift...
I added a little something new to this one, those are little hair bow's around the ribbon border.
And of course it wouldn't be complete without the "Butt paste" (this bear looks like she doesn't have any eyes)I was able to take the image for this card off their invitation... I just love pink & brown together!

Wedding "cakes"

I've attended a couple weddings lately and tried to come up with a clever gift idea like the baby diaper cakes. And so... I saw this idea online and came up with my version of the Towel wedding cake made with 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.
Of course I try to coordinate with the wedding colors... the first was black, white & red
(excuse the messy house in the background)

The second one was Black, white and green. I was able to use part of their invitation on this cake (names)

and on the card (black background) I even found the same font they used on the invite (he he)I just love weddings... don't you?!