Saturday, September 26, 2009

No tricks.. just treats

When my mom and dad left on their mission I made them a pair of pillowcases for them to use while away (so they would have sweet dreams of their favorite daughter) They tell me they use them everyday and love them. I was afraid they might get worn out and they would need a replacement so I came up with an idea...

Recently I decided to send them a little care package and inside was a fun Halloween and Thanksgiving surprise....
Pillowcases! A set to use for October and a set to use for November.
But the surprises didn't stop there... I also found a panel for this adorable Halloween apron.
I just couldn't resist the cute skeleton on the front.
I wanted to jazz it up a bit from just the plain panel, so I backed it with orange fabric, added the ric-rac and then decided to try something I've never done before... I made yo yo flowersThese little guys were so much fun to make and I loved using the Halloween colors.Miranda even caught the yo yo bug and made several for herself.
Mom just loved the pillowcases and apron and can't wait to wear it when she hosts FHE in October.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Blue....and purple

My Niece is getting married in October and I've been helping a bit with some of the planning.
Her colors are beautiful gem toned purple and blue.
I went with her to pick out flowers for her bouquet and cake and I had the fever...

It's something I get once an idea, color, theme or whatever gets stuck on my brain.
Once embedded, I notice EVERYTHING that is associated with it.

So I was at Target and I was meandering down the candy isle (not uncommon for me)
and I spotted candy wrapped in purple and blue.
I was so excited... but then it got even better....
The candy was called "Bliss"
Perfect for a wedding!

So I brought it home and played around with a few ideas to make favors out of it.
Here's what I came up with...
Simple and sweet, just how a favor should be.
I designed the monogram with Photoshop Elements - I'm really learning to like that program. I'm making the cake and flowers for the wedding as well, so more Purple and Blue to come.