Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Invites

I was asked a few weeks ago to create some invitations for a dinner in honor of the Bishopric Wives. They wanted a fall theme and I found this adorable paper that just fit the bill. The layered flowers were made using bunches (pulled apart) from Michael's and I Cricut cut the yellow, curled and inked them to give them dimension.
They were super easy and could be easily adapted for any occasion. I'll definitely keep these in mind for future use.

I created 45 of these. A funny story about them (well, I can look back and laugh about it now anyway).
After they were all finished, I had them in my car to deliver when I passed by the Stake Center the dinner will be held. I noticed the street sign and there was only one "L". I had spelled it with 2. I panicked and gently tore off the vellum sheets to replace them with the corrected version (these were glued on). I even had to run across town to the scrapbook store and purchase more vellum.
Before I printed on the new vellum I wanted to double check the spelling online. I looked it up on Map Quest and believe it or was spelled with 2 "L"s.
So I quickly looked up the stake website to see what they said and they confirmed the spelling with 2 "L"s.
I couldn't believe it. So I just glued the original vellum back on doubling my work time on this simple project.
Lesson Learned: Double check BEFORE printing the first time!!!

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Natalie said...

Super cute Ginger. I'm terrible about not double checking spelling. Oh well...