Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding Card

I attended my cousins wedding yesterday and shortly before we left I remembered I needed to come up with a card for the wedding. I always refer to the wedding invitation for color inspiration. This time I actually used parts of the invitation to create the card. I wish I would have taken a photo of the original invite, but forgot until after I cut it apart. But, here is a photo of the recycled card.
The elements I took from the invitation were the bow, the velvet strip across the bottom and the inside ivory piece with the embossed bride & groom names. The inside has a pocket for a gift card to be enclosed. The outside has a quote about love that I glittered. I would have used pink glitter so it would show up better had I known that was part of their color scheme. Their invite had no hint of pink , only brown so that's what I stuck with. Hopefully they won't think less of me for cutting up their invitation.
I love to create custom cards for weddings. Here's a few others I've created for a family and friends in the past.
All of these have pockets to hold a gift card or money and all of them match their wedding colors. There is one card I made for my cousin Amanda, that I forgot to get a photo of. It is one of my favorites. I need to see if she still has it and take a photo of it for me.


slimnsom said...

I love the bird one, has a Hiedi Swapp look! Make sure you post those ornaments when you get those done!

Verlynn said...

You really are disgustingly talented and so very eco-friendly. Recycling to the max. I'm always so impressed.

Adam and Kilee said...

I recog. that last one and guess what!!! i loved it and it has been on our pin board in the extra room for everyone to see! its so cute!