Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Putting it all together

This year was a close call...
I almost didn't get my Christmas cards finished in time to mail out to family and friends

I start planning and purchasing supplies in July.
My family makes fun of me because I start so early.
(They get more mad when I make them take holiday photo's.)
The planning process isn't easy. I try out many different color and paper combo's before deciding on the right one. This year I went out on a limb and chose a non traditional color combination.
Red, brown, white and blue...When I showed my mother in law she was not too excited about my color choices, but had faith in my abilities to make it work. I changed the design a couple of time until I was finally happy with the look and design of the card.
Over the next few weeks I'd cut out paper and assemble pieces whenever I had the chance. Finally I had all the makings of a card, all 70 of them..... assembly required!
It took a couple evenings to get the final product put together, but finally HERE IT IS!
The heart has glitter around the edges and the circle reads...
"keep Christmas in your heart"
It ended up being a tri-fold card... super fun and easy!
Parker was concerned that no one would figure out how to open it, but I assured him it wouldn't be too difficult. (sorry if someone had a problem)
So that's it....the making of the Dennett family Christmas Card for 2008....
Now to start planning for 2009... Christmas in July takes on a whole new meaning for me!


Natalie said...

They turned out fabulous Ginger. I LOVE the colors!!

Verlynn said...

Good one this year (as usual). Can't wait to see what you make for next year. I must say..I did miss Gus and his pearls of wisdom.