Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holiday Heaven

I love holidays. I just get giddy when all the new decorations, goodies and favors come out. And nothing gets me going like Valentines Day. I mean it has red, pink, hearts and chocolate all wrapped up in one holiday! What could be better?!

After Christmas I was doing my usual bargan hunting for sales and I ran into these delightful morsels. Red and green swirled chocolate chips.
I love making festive cookies with them at Christmas time so I put them in the freezer until next year.
Today I had a brainstorm to try something .... what would happen if I separated out the red chips from the green chips...Voila.... I have the makings for Valentine and St. Patrick's day cookies! ( Yes, Ryan made fun of me when I told him what I did)
So I whipped up a batch of cookies for choir rehearsal tomorrow
And made a giant heart cookie for Parker's school teacher for Valentine's day. (I'll just stick it in the freezer until Friday)As you can see I also added a few chocolate swirled chips too... just to give it a little more chocolatey flavor. You never know what you can do with those holiday bargains you find.

Stay tuned... I have more Valentine goodies in store later this week.


Natalie said...

No matter what Ryan says, I think the idea is genius!! Now, did you save some for me??

Verlynn said...

The only better idea would have been to make me the someone who got them. I always love St. Patty's ideas and they are sometimes hard to come by.