Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Do

I DO love to create cards
I DO love a wedding
I DO love making wedding cards
I DO try to use their announcements
I DO hope they like it
I created this card yesterday for a new married couple in our ward.
I love to use some part of their original wedding invitation (hopefully they won't mind)

This time I used the J & T from the top of their invite.
I also used their announcement photo, scanned it, and made a little embellishment.
Here's a little closer look at the photo....

I created it using a template, the photo and pattern paper. (I'm really loving using Photoshop and my new digi tricks).
Inside (behind the J&T) is a little pocket to tuck in a gift card .... my personal gift of choice :)
I DO hope making a homemade- keepsakeish type card might make up for my lack of gift ideas.


Natalie said...

Very nice Ginger!! Great card, I'm sure they'll love it.

Xackery said...

Adorable! If I send you an invitation will you make me one? Like, I'll invite you to come help me with a project or something.

Verlynn said...

Just noticed that Logan has been using my computer -- AGAIN! That last comment was really from me.