Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Young Women Centerpieces

Miranda was asked to decorate small cupcake holders for centerpieces at the Young Women in Excellence. All they asked her to do was tie the bows onto the holders.
They told her that they would be in the center of a table and the girls projects would be displayed around them.
I got to thinking (as I often do) that the cupcake holders would be too short to see around the displays.

So... I tried to think of a way to elevate them.
(hang with me now while I explain my thought process....)

I thought first about the large vases I had that could be a platform for the holders.

Then I thought they would be cute stuffed with tulle that coordinated with the YW Value colors.

Then I remembered they mentioned they were going to put lights under the tables so I knew the vases needed the push lights inside to illuminate and match the decor.
(are you still following me here?)

Next I thought it would be cute to have a pick in the top cupcake that displayed the value name.
But wait... even better... how about cut vinyl out for each value and put it onto the vase.
(Whew... sometimes it's exhausting to think about my brainstorming head)

So that's what Miranda and I did...
She designed and cut each of the names and I adhered them to the vases.
Miranda even had a lesson on bow tying ( she will be able to carry on that family trait quite well as it was passed on to me by my mother)

And so here is the final results....
And here is how they looked with cupcakes and illumination....The girls placed their display around the value that matched their project.Everything looked so elegant and tied into the YW theme so well. I just love to see all the value colors represented all together.


Verlynn said...

I think Virtue might be my new favorite colored value. Looks so rich.

Verlynn said...

...great looking bows, by the way.

Dana said...

You did it again-so amazing. But my brain hurts- LOL. I'm glad the Lord blessed some of us with the gift to accomplish these amazing creations so the rest of us could be blessed by it!