Friday, August 6, 2010

Visiting Teaching idea

This month our Relief Society started with all new Visiting Teaching routes and companions. I always like to give my sisters a magnet to put on their fridge for quick reference if they need to call us for anything. This is what I came up with this time I also love to give them handouts to go along with the lesson. I don't always get them ready in time, but I try. I've found a few resources online to give me inspiration and this is what I created this month to go with the topic of Worthy of Temple Worship.
It's a pocket with the message printed on a pull out insert
And a little bookmark with a temple charm to help remind us to always be Temple worthy.
I think I might make up a quick batch of temple shaped mints to give to them too since I already have the mold and mint chocolate!
Unfortunately I didn't get them created in time to give one of our sisters since we visited her on Aug 1st (oh yeah...I"m good!)

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Verlynn said...

Better be careful. You'll get translated before I get home. Very cute! I was just reading the VT message last night and enjoyed it.