Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pink Passion

I am soooo loving this craft room. I love the bright hot pink contrasted with the black and white! I would love to create in a room like this (think it actually stays this clean?)
Question I dare???


Verlynn said...

Go Ginger, go Ginger, go Ginger, GO!

Natalie said...

Oh yes, you totally should! I Double Dog Dare you!!

superman said...

Wow! That looks beautiful!

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StaceyJeannette said...

What an awesome room! I love those colors!

I left an award for you on my blog, if you want to pick it up. If you dont "do" awards, that is fine, just wanted you to see it!

Rhodes Creations said...

I just came over from Stacey's and saw your link. I want to tell you that you do nice work and are very creative. The Lord had definitely gifted you..Is that whole craft room yours? If so, you're doing well! What a pink room! Also, the idea for the countdown Christmas calendar was great! Hope you do well..I invite you to visit me as well. I'm just getting started in this whole blog thing..Come check me out sometime! Blessings, Laura