Friday, January 23, 2009

Get Well

I'm obsessed with glitter lately. I just love the rainbow of colors that Doodlebug has. And there's nothing like a little "bling" to make me smile. I found a glue stamp pad and thought I'd try it out using some of my rubber stamps. I grabbed this "get well" stamp first and just loved the result so I designed a card around it. (Crazy how the creative process works) I even dipped the brads in glue and glittered them to match.
I'm getting together with Sommer tonight to create! I'm sure there'll be a little laughter, a little girl talk and A LOT of GLITTER involved.


Natalie said...

i LOVE glitter!!! Have fun tomorrow.

Sommer said...

I think there was actually more laughter than glitter tonight! Amazing! Thanks again for the fun night. My spirits needed it.