Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yea me!

I'm so excited about a new project I just finished! (Ryan is too)
I created a vinyl photo for Ryan to put on the back of his truckNow let me back up and explain how this all came about....
It started when I found a program that allows me to cut regular True Type fonts with my Cricut. (Normally I would need to use a cartridge for that) This naturally, opened up a wonderful new world of possibilities for me. I could now create my very own cute vinyl phrases and decor that is so popular right now.
But wait.... there's more....
This program (SCAL) also introduced me to another program (Inkscape) that allows me to convert bitmap images to svg files that the SCAL will recognize and cut.
So, in plain English.... I scanned in the image of the Cape Buffalo from a clothing tag, loaded it into Inkscape, played, tweaked, and eventually converted it to a cleaner image to cut. Then I loaded it onto SCAL and voila.... I can cut as many Cape Buffalo images as I like in whatever size I like. (This one is 12 x 9)I'm not saying it was easy, but it was so fun to learn how to do this. (Tons of trial and error time!) In fact the first time I converted it, I couldn't remember what I did so I had to figure it out so I could do it again.
Now I can really create anything and cut it out with paper, vinyl, fabric... the possibilities are endless!
(Think there's a big need for Cape Buffalo vinyls out there?)


Sommer said...

You know you're gonna need to make something like that for Byron. Tell us how much your creation will cost!

Natalie said...

Looking good. Very nice looking animal.

Verlynn said...

Dang, I wish the clever creative gene had stayed with me. You and Nat are killing me with all this stuff.