Saturday, April 24, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day

Wow... that's a mouthful... but however you say it, it's a day/week to thank all those who work with you and make your job a lot easier!

Normally on this day I would get a phone call in the morning from Ryan saying oops, we forgot it was today... can you come up with something?
So then I scramble around and figure something out.
Well, not this year... I figured out in advance when it was and had a plan!

This is the arrangement I made for all 6 of the help-staff at Ryan's office.The colors were so bright and fun to work with once I figured out what design I was going to do. And it wouldn't be complete without a handmade tag to say Thank You!
They also bought all the staff lunch from Bagel Cafe (yummy)
Have you thanked your Administrative Professional Lately?

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Verlynn said...

gee, can I have a job? Very pretty.