Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pirate & Princess Pops

For Christmas, my sister gave me this Cake Pops book by Bakerella.
I've been hooked on her site forever, but was super excited to get this book and try these little beauties for myself. 
I guess I just never had an official occasion to make them, so the book just sat and sat waiting for me to use it.  Finally.... my chance came.  The Young Women were having a bake sale fundraiser for girls camp.  Perfect! 
   Miranda and I flipped through the pages trying to decide what would be good to make for the bake sale.  Finally, we decided on the pirates (you can see it on the front cover above).  I thought the boys would love it, but the girls needed something too.  I searched for ways to make a princess, but didn't find anything.  So, I just figured out a way to create my own :)
   I baked the cake (chocolate), bought all the I was ready to make cake pops! 

Without further delay.... here they are!

Meet the Pirates for the boys....
And the Princesses for the girls....

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  I had issues with the edible markers so had to resort to making their faces with colored chocolate. 
The Pirate bandannas and princess tiaras are made with giant heart sprinkles....
Miranda came up with the pirate mustache idea, I like them much better than the smile
and we added these little earrings for them too..

I'm just OK with the princess faces, there's just something not quite right.  This was definately a learning process and I will make some changes next time. 
We ended up with 50 (25 each)

It was a little army of pirate & princess cake pops :)
Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first cake pop up.... baby chicks!


adragon69 said...

Ginger, I'm making the chick ones today and finishing them tomorrow. I'll send a pic of what I did! These are so adorable. I love them!

Verlynn said...

very, very cute! How did they taste?

Lex C. said...

Oh my yummies!! haha The problem is that I wouldn't be able to eat just one! I'd have like, five! haha