Friday, November 6, 2009


In case you haven't noticed (because you live in Las Vegas) .... It's Fall!
I love everything about Fall...
The weather, the Holidays, the Baking and the gifts.

For Visiting Teaching this month we are supposed to teach about a talk from Conference.
It's sooo hard to choose just one sooo...
I chose 4 and decided to present them in a little fall decoration for the house.
I liked it so much I created one for myself too.
(As I've mentioned before... it's a huge motivator for me to go if I have a gift to give them)

So here is the Front with the Fall decoration
Then on the back I created pocketsInside the pockets I printed 4 talks from Conference (a bit abbreviated so they would fit)They can use these as FHE lesson ideas for each week in November or as a personal reminder of the talks given. To get them started I also created a little handout to go along with one of the talks ...(photo coming soon)

Now they are ready It's time to get my visits done!


Natalie said...

What an awesome idea!

Verlynn said...

How did you edit the talks? That's a lot of typing. So fun