Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet 16

A friend called me a couple days ago and asked if I would be able to make a cake for her daughter's 16th birthday party. She wanted it red & black and modern looking.
After a bit of brainstorming this is what I came up with...The bottom layer is Styrofoam. I added it just to give it the oomph it needed
The other layers are chocolate and vanilla both with vanilla mousse filling. I created the 16 topper and monogram A on the bottom just to give it a little bling and personalization, not to mention a little frill with the bows. I also glimmer dusted the entire cake for more sparkle. She seemed very pleased with the design. I hope the birthday girl is just as happy with it.
I had a lot of fun creating it even if it was a last minute design and creation.


Natalie said...

Wowzers! That cake turned out gorgeous!!!

Verlynn said...

Yep! I'm with Nat, looks great!